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Fostering real-world usage of cryptocurrencies

this project is an initiative to foster the real world usage and adoption of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them.

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about us

What exactly are we about, and what do we want to achieve?

They already exist swift and easy to use cryptocurrency payment gateways. We want to get this in front of people.

We plan on building an ecosystem around the real-world usage of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

We are advocates of financial inclusion. We believe cryptocurrencies, in the long run, will bring about financial inclusion to many.


our ecosystem

We plan on building a defi crypto exchange that will list a variety of crypto assets. This exchange will have an easy to use user interface.


There is a handful of cryptocurrency transaction processors out there. Still, we plan on building an easy to integrate and use cryptocurrency transaction processor.


With this platform, it will be easy to get projects and technologies of different categories to the faces of millions of persons. Individuals will also be able to gain crypto assets while learning about them.


frequently asked questions

The distribution of airdrop tokens will start soon after the initial crowd sale.

A referral program is in place. The system generates a random referral link for every airdrop participant. To get your referral link, paste your wallet address in the details form provided on the airdrop page.

There is no limit to how many referrals an individual can have. Also, there is no limit to how many tokens an individual can get from the airdrop program.